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A good deck can be used to hold different events. Family reunion, graduation ceremonies, and barbecues are some of the events to hold. Take a look at your deck, is it up to the task or it can’t handle the pressure? When the floor is an eyesore, then it’s time for restoration services to take place.

Below are some of the best ways to restore your deck. It will only require your attention for a couple of days and a few steps to accomplish the mission. There are some materials you’ll need before starting the project to avoid last meeting trips, such as paintbrush, deck stains, power washer, deck cleaner, cordless drills, and deck restoration coat.

There are many cordless drill brands available in the market. It has become hard for you to choose the best one for the job. However, there are numerous benefits of using the cordless drills, especially for outside projects, that’s why you need to know the exact drill that will help you restore the deck.  

Step 1 – Power Wash

The first step of every restoration deals with a good scrub. From the list of materials necessary above, a washer is essential. If you don’t have one in your garage, then borrowing from a friend can also work. There are two types of deck cleaners available for use: bleach-based and oxygenated.

Choosing the best cleaner depends on your preferences. The oxygenated cleaner is most preferred to beach-based. The beach-based cleaner is not friendly to the surroundings and breaks down the deck wood quickly.

Protection of the environment is essential. A strong solution of cleaners can burn plants. When using filters that have weak solutions, there is no need to cover plants.

A stiff-brush can be used to go over the deck cleaning thoroughly. The cleaning process will only be a success when the boards are left dump with the solution.

The deck needs a good sweep and deep wash with cleaners. After the power wash, leave the deck for two days to dry. A deck could be restored with only a deep wash if cleaned yearly. Putting on protection gear is essential when handling chemical substances (Gloves and eye protection gear should be worn while cleaning).

Picking the Perfect Cleaner for the Job

The market is flooded with numerous deck cleaning products. Below are some of the chemical components found in the cleaning products and are essential;

Sodium percarbonate: it reacts with water to form two ingredients, namely sodium carbonate and hydrogen peroxide. The components formed to act as both originated bleach and detergent; used to remove dirt and mildew.

Oxalic acid: typically used when dealing with brown-black stains and iron stains. It doesn’t remove mildew and utilized after the deck as already been cleaned by a bleach-based cleaner.

Sodium hydroxide: commonly referred to as lye. If it is not appropriately used, it eats wood.

Sodium hypochlorite: it is commonly known as chlorine bleach. It is useful when dealing with mildew found in the deck. The chemical is only supposed to be mixed with detergents that are ammonia-free. If not appropriately rinsed, Sodium hypochlorite eats away wood.

Note: utmost care should be taken when you are using the above substances. The chemicals are highly concentrated. Rules and instructions should be followed. Safety gear should be worn at all times when handling the chemicals.

Step 2 – Check for Rot, Holes in the Deck and Making the Necessary Repairs

This process will depend on the nature of the deck. If your deck is old, some floorboards are likely to be removed. The step involves checking for damage, wood rot and splits on the deck. Sanding can take place after the checkup is done.

Holes found can be filled with epoxy and leaving it for a day to dry up. Nails that have popped out should be hammered back to leave an even surface. Screws can replace the pins. Screws usually don’t pop up like nails.

Step 3 – Protect the Deck by Applying Stain or Paint

Materials needed for this part of the project include a roller and paintbrush. The type of brush used can determine the smoothness of the texture. Temperature is also another factor to consider when applying the stain. It should range between 40-80 degrees and no rain for the next four days.

Stains are applied to help maintain the quality of your deck. Some of the conditions to consider when choosing the best stain for your deck include:

  • The finishing product– what’s your preference, to increase the natural wood or color pop up?
  • The base– is the base oil or water? Does that matter to you?
  • Guarantee– the stain you want to use does it offer to guarantee it will accomplish the task?

Painting Your Deck

Two coats are recommended when applying paint. Painting is a way of restoring beauty to the deck. The best painting job will automatically bring out beauty to the wooden deck that you are searching for. There are two types of paint used on a deck, the oil-based and acrylic-based.

Oil-Based Deck Paint

 Oil-based deck paint is durable and dries up steadily when applied. The solid base character makes it hard to find flexibility in oil-based paint. Wood contracts and expands based on the temperature while oil-based paints don’t.

Acrylic Based Deck Paint

 Acrylic-based paints are better than oil-based paints. Acrylic-based paints are flexible, which is an added advantage when painting the deck. As the wood expands and contracts, the paint will stay in position.

Creativity is an important aspect when restoring a deck. There are numerous colors you can apply, giving you more options. Custom paint jobs and solid color are some of the designs you can choose.

The above steps can help you bring back your deck to its past glory. A happy ending is making you have a place to host events with your family. It will only take you days to create a beautiful deck to marvel for years.

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