Doors and windows serve the purpose of protecting inmates from extreme temperatures and infiltrators. However, these are of no use if the security system that operates them intelligently is absent. To add first layer of security, the users have been relying on the lock and key since ages. With the change of time, the way lock and key system works have transformed in terms of looks as well as functionalities. The key has been replaced by the passcodes and the lock’s purpose is served by the biometric access, door systems and so on. 

Listed here are some of the essential reasons of having security system at home. These reasons define the cause behind having the impregnable security of the premise.

  • Blocking unauthorized people from a distance

Why wait for the burglars to reach the door and break into it? The security system is set to demarcate the authorized limit inwards crossing which must require the owner’s permission. In case of unauthorized entry at the defined periphery, the owners as well as the nearest police patrolling unit would be alerted busting the plans of the burglars completely. Thus, adding extra layer of protection is one of the reasons to have security systems at home.

  • Protecting children from going off the safe limits of the house

The protection of house and inmates from the burglars is not the only purpose of security systems. Users of security system can implement an alert system to demarcate the safe limits outwards too. it is called peripheral protection and is considered a very good option when inmates need dealing with toddlers or growing children. The security system alerts the home owners and caretakers the moment children have stepped out of safe limits. This allows the parents to leave the children to play on their own within the premise while granting them sufficient freedom to do so. Thus, parents are able to encourage the exploratory capabilities in the child without exposing them to dangers.

  • Giving limited access to the particular areas of the house

Some portions of the house may be used for storing valuables or things whose manhandling can disrupt the working of the whole building. Thus, these areas can be protected by granting limited access to the people. The owners can define the number of people who can access those areas and record their biometric to match when they request access. There can be door systems with the passcodes; the codes be known only to the authorized people. It is applicable in offices and commercial premises too where access is granted as per the level of hierarchy.

  • To identify the visitors remotely 

There are certain homes which are inhabited by the elderlies and disabled too. Also, it is not natural for homeowner to be present by the door side all the time. The owner may find it difficult to climb down the stairs all the time. Thus, this process can be replaced with the security system that comes with an intercom and camera. The owners can see or talk to the visitors and decide whether the latter should be let in or not. Once satisfied with the identity, the owners can open the door using remote control or voice commands. This system is very useful in managing premises where visitors are too many.

  • To grant unrestricted access, too, sometimes

Security system at home can be made to open the door using the sensors. the owners may need doors that open on their own; it helps them entering the spaces even when the hands are occupied with the things. The sensor operated doors just open easily as soon as the visitors come near them; thus, eliminating the need to operate the door with lock and keys.

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