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9 Tips On How To Properly Maintain Your Fire Sprinkler Systems


If you own a business or a property, you’d probably know how important fire alarm and suppression systems are. Apart from being a legal requirement, they are proven to minimize loss and damage.

Reputable fire sprinkler companies design, manufacture, test, and install these systems meticulously, ensuring that they will perform effectively and optimally when an emergency strikes. Nonetheless, as the owner of such a protection system, it is your responsibility to properly maintain them. With this article, we’re sharing with you nine important tips just how to do that.

Know the standard set by the National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA). The so-called NFPA 25 details the standard procedures when it comes to maintaining different types of fire suppression systems. People who have any kind of this system are advised to be familiar with the basics written therein.

Properly place signs and labels on your system’s components. The control valves of the fire protection systems made by fire sprinkler companies should be kept in an open position so that when a fire breaks out, water can come out. To keep such components open, don’t forget to put signs and labels.

Invest in lockout devices for your controls. Speaking of keeping control valves open, manufacturers have also begun offering lockout devices to prevent other people from tampering them — intentionally or unintentionally.

Remove coatings of dirt from your sprinkler heads. Sprinkler heads can usually last up to five decades, however, over time they can accumulate dust. To properly maintain these parts, make sure to regularly remove coatings of dirt by using a non-residue and non-corrosive degreasing solution (you can contact your manufacturer to make sure the solution is compatible with your heads).

Make sure that there are no tall objects beneath your sprinklers. Though sprinkler heads are located in high ceilings, many people tend to make the mistake of putting high objects underneath them. This will make the system inefficient in distributing water evenly in the area being engulfed by fire.

Inspect if your gauges indicate normal water and air pressure. Manufacturers should relay the correct water and air pressure levels needed to keep a fire sprinkler system in good performing condition. They are also expected to instruct their clients how gauges should be read properly. Once this information is known, the owner now has to weekly inspect of their gauges are still indicating normal water and air pressure.

Have it checked by a professional annually. The NFPA stipulates that systems made by fire sprinkler companies should be thoroughly inspected by a professional technician once a year. Adhere to this must-do maintenance tip/instruction to help prolong the life of your fire protection system.

Have it inspected after you’ve done significant renovations in your property. Apart from the yearly requirement, professional maintenance servicing is also needed after you’ve done significant renovations in your property’s structure. Such renovations can cause an impact on the fire protection system that has been previously installed in your home or business building.

Relay important maintenance guidelines to your employees/ family members. You should not keep these abovementioned maintenance tips only to yourself. Relay these guidelines to a trusted employee or team or family member so they would know how to maintain your fire sprinkler system even without you around.

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