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The Right Methods and Options for House Cleaning


One of the methods of maintaining the status of the company is cleaning office premises maintaining cleanliness and a comfortable microclimate, which is fundamentally important for employees.

The main differences between cleaning office space and a shopping centre

Cleaning of administrative and retail premises has a number of significant differences, which qualitatively change the approach for cleaning companies.

The difference is traced in the frequency of cleaning. In shopping centres and other similar premises, a maintenance cleaning is often used, which is able to constantly get rid of pollution and prevent clutter during the day. In relation to cleaning in the office, the most logical approach is daily cleaning in the morning or in the evening. With the cleaning services singapore you can have the right choices now.

The price of daily cleaning varies:

Cleaning of the office premises in the class “B” business centre starts from 150 dollars per square meter, with a total area of ​​1000 square meters.

Cleaning the premises of the shopping centre starts at 45 dollars per square meter, with a total floor area of ​​800 square meters.

Cleaning the food court and other shopping areas is often complicated by the need to perform work during the serious traffic of visitors. Office cleaning, in contrast to this, often imposes additional requirements for arranging furniture and equipment in their original places after cleaning.

  • As well as observance of commercial and other secrets.

Criteria for choosing a cleaning company

Cleaning of premises,which can be theoretically carried out by both professionals and amateurs? But the effectiveness of a company specializing in this industry is much higher. And only a professional approach can satisfy the demands of modern commercial enterprises.

The criteria to be guided by are the following:

Technical means

With advanced equipment and modern cleaning products, you can demonstrate not only the quality of work, but also the efficiency of execution.

Quality control system

At the facility, there must be a manager monitoring the quality of the cleaners, as well as the consumption of detergents and their timely delivery to the facility.


The presence of ISO certificates of compliance for the cleaning of premises and surrounding areas is an important criterion for choosing a company.


Work experience on the market is an indicator that demonstrates the stability of the company and the ability to adapt to different conditions of the order. Helpful guide: (

Putting order is a rather laborious process that requires an organized professional approach. From the first day, the head of the cleaning team assesses the condition of the room and prepares a list of tasks for its employees. Then the manager distributes the staff to various types of work in accordance with the tasks.

  • Floor cleaning (sweeping, wet cleaning).
  • Dust removal from various surfaces (doors, furniture, office equipment, mirrors and glass surfaces).
  • Cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Replacing consumables (toilet paper, paper towels, soap).
  • Cleaning stairs.
  • Removal of garbage from trash bins.
  • Care for office plants.

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